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I have built dozens of websites using WordPress. Through trial and error, I have found the best domain registrar, host, theme, and plugins to create a fast, affordable, and easy-to-use WordPress website. If you are looking to build or optimize your own WordPress website, I recommend using these service providers and tools.

Domain Registrar

NameCheap ($10 / yr)

A domain registrar is where you buy your domain name, renew your domain name annually, and adjust your DNS records. I prefer NameCheap because it is low-cost and easy to use. Domain names with privacy protection on NameCheap are typically under $10 annually. Before NameCheap, I used GoDaddy, which cost 75% more.

NameCheap has easy to use interface to update your DNS records. The support over chat is also responsive and helpful.

While the $10 per year cost is not prohibitive, it can add up if you own multiple domains. Like many online entrepreneurs, I have dozens of domain names sitting unused. NameCheap’s low fees help me keep those ideas alive (I’m sure I’ll build on those domains soon…)


Kinsta ($360 / yr)

Your WordPress host must be fast, reliable, easy-to-use, and secure. It also needs fantastic support. Kinsta checks all of these boxes.

Migrating to Kinsta from your existing host is extremely easy. Their team will do all of the heavy lifting for you.

Speed: Kinsta is built for speed from the ground up. Their plans also include CloudFlare’s CDN and advanced caching.

Reliability: Kinsta guarantees 99.9% uptime.

Ease of Use: Kinsta’s UI is very user-friendly. As they have added features over the years, it has gotten a little more difficult to navigate. However, their support and documentation are top-notch.

Security: Kinsta’s plan includes an SSL certificate and daily backups. Explore their security measures here.


GeneratePress (Free to $59 / yr)

The best WordPress themes are fast, flexible, and offer support. GeneratePress offers all three.

Speed: You can achieve 100% PageSpeed score with GeneratePress. At just 7.5kb page size, 2 HTTP requests, and zero dependencies, the theme provides the perfect foundation to help your site hit 100%.

Flexibility: My favorite part of GeneratePress is the flexibility. From the easy-to-use Gutenberg blocks to the advanced Elements, you can customize your theme however you want. They also have a great Site Library, which you can use to have a very well designed in 1 click (this website uses one).

Customer Support: GeneratePress has wonderful documentation and support. So all of your questions can be answered. With around-the-world support, GeneratePress answers over 98% of all requests the very same day.

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