We Are Building Honeymoons.com Into the Global Leader in Romantic Travel

Camp Media acquired Honeymoons.com in 2023. Honeymoons.com was founded in 2008 by a team with deep expertise in the honeymoon and travel industry.

Since acquiring the business, Camp Media has been focused on expanding Honeymoons.com’s reach and developing new services to book romantic vacations.

About & Contact

Jim Campbell, Founder

Jim has built websites for two decades and created Camp Media’s original portfolio, which consisted of multiple online businesses. After selling some businesses and acquiring Honeymoons.com, Jim is now focused on building Honeymoons.com into a global leader in romantic travel.

An experienced website developer and marketer, he is passionate about connecting people with the best information, products, and services.

He manages Camp Media’s fully-remote team of writers, editors, developers, marketers, and travel agents. Contact Jim by completing the contact form or connecting on LinkedIn.